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About our services

Alongside our training we offer a unique unhurried walking service with a difference. You can choose a three or six hour walk. This means your dog will have time to play at a secure private location instead of a road walk before returning them back home with a warm shower if needed.

We also provide a 1 hour road walking service where training can be incorporated, especially where a dog requires interaction, whether it’s reactive to other dogs, people, nervous, scared or over excited.  Having your dog trained by professionals, gradually bringing you back into the training once all the hard work is done, makes it easier for you to carry on essential training. The other aspect of my unique training is where I take your dog for the day and work with you, creating a bespoke training package, using my methods to develop you and your dog gradually bringing you into the sessions working alongside me.  With the hard work already put in place I am confident you will see results.

Whether your dog is coming to play or train, we are dedicated to making your dog feel happy and secure—receiving lots of exercise, mental stimulation, problem solving and personal attention, giving you peace of mind that your dog is in safe and reliable hands.

Whatever personality quirks your dog has, we both have the experience in training and dog handling to ensure it will fit into the group. It is important to introduce any new dogs one at a time, gradually bring them into the group when we are happy with their body language, as it is important that any dog should feel relaxed and not threatened or nervous around each other—often the bouncy pups/adolescents are sometimes overbearing for the more shy and nervous dogs. 

Each dog has its own personality and we are here to make sure that their time with us is a happy fun-packed time, whatever their needs.


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Emergency dog walking 

If something happens unexpectedly and you need someone to take your beloved dog out for a walk, give a call and I will endeavour to accommodate your needs.

Lost Dogs (part of Puppy Package)

This is a possibility that you wont dare think could happen to you, and something you believe it only happens to others, but you will be surprised just how many precious dogs go missing on a daily basis and the heartache this causes. There are so many dogs lost nowadays I was shocked to see how many there are and its opened my eyes as to how I can help to prevent any dogs from going missing with both training to prevent and quick actions if ever needed.


Walking with a difference

Take comfort knowing that your dog is safe and secure being walked in a private location, with all the stimulation it needs. We collect your dog and return with a package to suit your lifestyle.

• Fully Insured 

• Optional unique training packages 

• Off-lead fun in a secure private location

• Plenty of water, shade, and quiet space

• Games, trampoline, agility courses and paddling pools galore

• Daily updates on your dog's activities

We have a good understanding of dogs and interaction is done carefully. Small dogs and puppies will be kept separated from the bigger dogs and will have plenty of fresh water, sleep and play areas. For more information and to book a home visit, contact us. We like to check that your dog is suitable for this environment by inviting you for a meet and greet.

Bookings at short notice can be accommodated in some circumstances.

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Packages and groups 

A number of bespoke training packages are on offer including a telephone and video service for advice, particularly for those with a new puppy that has not been inoculated—a lot of rules and regulations will need to be in place during those early weeks.A dog's right is to feel happy and secure in its own environment and surroundings. 

This is why we offer services to help you to understand the way a dog's mind works and to give a puppy the best start in life. We will support and train you and your family to help understand the needs of your dog and encourage you to take on the training and continue the work at home. I aim to demonstrate the importance of exercise, discipline and consistency at all times.