Debbie & Flake says:
I have known Kim for over 40 years and she is completly mad about Dogs, I can't remember Kim not being surrounded by dogs in her world, they will always be the most important part of her life. I even remember her training the neighbourhood dogs and getting them to speak to her. She seems to understand them and they know it, the respect is amazing. I would not send my dog anywhere else while I am on holiday, as I know he will have the best home from home experience and much more.
Jacqui & Dolly says:

Dolly was 12 months old when we got her, a rescue dog, frightened of men, not house trained, never been walked, never been on a lead and quite unloved, the information we had been given at the time of aquiring her about her past did not seam to ring true.

I spoke to Kim about her and asked her advice, she came round to see Dolly in her own environment, when we took Dolly out on a lead she just spun round and round and darted from one side to another.

Kim had seen enough and offered to have her for a few weeks. We jumped at the chance. After 2 weeks I went for a walk with Kim, Dolly and 3 of Kims dogs, it was amazing to see such a confident, happy dog in such a short space of time. There was still a long way to go but the difference was already showing.

After approximately 5 weeks of intensive training, Dolly has become a confident, house trained and a delight to take out for a walk. She still needs some coaching expecially around men and has some hickhups, but she is still a young dog and Kim has given us some homework to do to continue with the good work.

I highly recommend Kim, she is loving, kind and firm with the dogs and will do her very best for each animal she comes across.