Training & Leadership

As a trainer, my aim is to help you develop a happy, healthy relationship with your dog. To get the best out of your dog, you need to be positive, assertive and consistent, enforcing boundaries with love and firmness. A dog that trusts and respects you will be happy and relaxed, knowing that it can look to you for guidance - rather than being nervous and tense, thinking that it needs to look after you!

Training and leadership starts the first day you bring your new bundle of joy home. Your puppy might look like butter wouldn’t melt, but don’t be fooled! If you don’t introduce your rules, your puppy will think that he or she needs to make their own, and the rocky road begins.

I have developed a tried-and-tested programme to introduce your new puppy into your home in a way which helps them take their rightful place as part of your family. A dog that knows its place in the family is a happier dog and thereby more likely to settle quickly.

I love training dogs of all ages and abilities. Whether your dog has a particular behaviour issue or you just want to get your new puppy house-trained, I'm happy to help.

I offer a number of bespoke training packages, including residential stays if that is what you'd prefer or is recommended.

A dog's right is to feel happy and secure in its own environment and surroundings, this is why we offer services to help you to understand the way a dog's mind works and to give a puppy the best start in life.

By supporting and training you and your familiy to help understand the needs of your dog and to take on the training and continue the work at home, I aim to demonstrate the importance of exercise, leadership and consistency at all times.

Affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

To talk through your dog's training needs, contact me.